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Stories, not content

Jack Cantor is a student, photographer, endurance athlete, and a firm believer in the importance of the story in visual media


There's something about capturing wild places with a camera that's always called out to me. Perhaps it's the act of creating art with something so bold, so wild, that calls my name. These incredible interactions with my subjects are what drive me as a storyteller.

I love the intimate connections formed between subject and artist through the creation and management of visual media. I utilize these connections to catalyze powerful visual narratives, both still and moving,

My commitment to authentic, raw, stories is consistent through a myriad of creative realms; whether it be consulting on media ethics for a public health giant, trekking alpine ridgelines for a sunrise, or dawning wetsuits to surf Maine's winter swells. 


In my "free time", I'm a distance runner, student, and avid ice cream enthusiast. 

Interested in working together, prints, licensing, or just want to say hello? Drop me a line at jcantor@bates.edu.